The strongest memories from when I was a child were when we travelled to Vietnam. At the airport in Ho Chi Minh City, my whole family was waiting for us. They even rented a bus so all of them could come to welcome us. Later, we put our things down and visited for a while until we fell asleep, tired and exhausted after a long journey. In the morning it all began. I woke up to the sound of honking motorbikes. I felt the hot and humid Asian air as I went out in front of the house where my aunt was selling breakfast. People on their motorbikes had stopped on their way to work, bought a soup and kept going. All around you could smell my aunt´s broth made from herbs, mint, coriander, and lemon. Of course, I always ate the soup there for breakfast and continued down the street. A little further down, another aunt was selling baguettes.  Depending on the request of the Vietnamese motor bikers she filled them with eggs, meat, and tofu. I stopped there as well.

I always admired how tasty the baguettes she made were and how many people stopped there to buy one. I would sit next to her and promise her that I would help her to sell them by shouting on the streets trying to attract people to come and buy them. She would laugh at this. On this street, many things were sold, such as food, drinks, Vietnamese morning coffee with ice, jasmine tea, fresh sugar-cane beverages, filled tortillas, and baked noodles. Everyone was selling something in front of their houses. All around, you could smell the variety of aromas. There was constantly something happening. The atmosphere there was amazing. This was Nha Be, the part of the city where my father was born. The part where my roots are from, where half of my family lives and that is why I would like to bring Nha Be to Slovakia, so you can feel the atmosphere of this wonderful place full of great people and especially their cuisine. If I managed to bring at least a little bit of the atmosphere from Nha Be to my Vietnamese bistro here, I would be happy, and I would feel like all this makes sense because I will have successfully brought half of myself and my heart here to Slovakia.